Everything you need to pass your theory test.

Prepare yourself in the best possible way. Practice using Norway's largest collection of questions in all driving licence categories. We also offer comprehensive theory courses for cars, motorcycles and mopeds.

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High quality theory tests
Norway's largest collection of questions, with over 6500 high-quality questions provided by ATL
Easy-to-understand explanations
Effective learning through questions with explanations
Digital theory courses
Comprehensive courses for cars, mopeds and motorcycles

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We offer both theory tests and a comprehensive digital theory course for category B — everything you need to pass the test.

Access is available for different lengths of time, so that you may choose what works best for you.

Moped and motorcycle

Teoritentamen offers both theory tests and comprehensive digital theory courses for categories AM and A/A1/A2 — everything you need to pass the test for moped and motorcycle. Access is available for different lengths of time, so that you may choose what works best for you.

Bus and minibus

Our theory tests for bus and minibus provide an excellent way of preparing for the test. All questions are developed by Autoriserte Trafikkskolers Landsforbund.


Test yourself with our theory tests for categories C, C1 and CE. Questions are provided by ATL, and will prepare you in the best possible way for your test.

Professional and ADR

Theory tests for all commercial driving classes and ADR training certificates are available. Take our tests to easily and effectively learn the theory.

Tractor and snowmobile

We offer theory tests for snowmobile and tractor. Questions are provided by ATL, and are an ideal way of preparing for the test.

Other services

Teoritentamen offers a comprehensive boating course with theory tests — everything you need to prepare for the boating licence exam. We also offer a driving test preparation course (category B), the perfect way to get ready for your driving test.

NEW! Teoritentamen have created a free practice driving course, with helpful tips and a wide selection of exercises.

More about the service

Hos teoritentamen.no finner du teoriprøver for bil, moped, motorsykkel og alle andre førerkortklasser. For bil, motorsykkel, lastebil og moped kan vi også tilby komplette teorikurs. I teorikursene kan du lære alt du trenger med video, oppgaver, lyd, tekst og bilder.

Hos Teoritentamen kan du enkelt og trygt øve før teoriprøven hos Statens vegvesen.

We offer different types of access of varying period of validity, so that you can select the option that best suits you. Regardless of which type of access you choose, you will have unlimited access to questions and other content in the period you have paid for, both on the website and through the iOS and Android apps.

Vår support holder åpent fra kl. 09.00 til 21.00 - 7 dager i uken. Vi hjelper deg med alt du lurer på.

Tests created in cooperation with ATL

Teoritentamen.no tilbyr den desidert største samlingen av teorioppgaver for bil og andre førerkortklasser i Norge. Spørsmålsdatabasen består av over 6500 oppgaver og er utarbeidet i samarbeid med Autoriserte Trafikkskolers Landsforbund (ATL).

ATL står også bak flere lærebøker og oppgavebøker i bokserien «Veien til førerkortet».

Our extensive collection of tests is expanded regularly. We also rewrite and alter questions/tests when there are alterations to the current regulations.

Through their long partnership with ATL, Teoritentamen is well renowned for their high quality.