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  • Theory tests
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Theory course + theory tests

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  • Theory tests
  • Explanations to all questions
  • Traffic sign test
  • Ebook
  • Instructive videos
  • App for iOS and Android
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Test yourself before the official theory test!

Teoritentamen has Norway's most extensive collection of questions, developed in collaboration with Norges Trafikkskoleforbund (Norwegian Driving School Association, NTSF). The theory tests for motorcycle (english) are constructed in the same way as the official tests, providing an optimal way to prepare.

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Teoritentamen is committed to quality. If you fail you will get your money back
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What governs traffic?

Without a set of rules and guidelines for everybody to follow, traffic would be chaotic and dangerous. Laws, rules and regulations regulate how the elements in the traffic system should interact with each other, and give us guidelines for how we should conduct ourselves in traffic.

Through legislation the government has given us both general and specific rules for how to conduct ourselves in traffic, vehicle requirements, the construction of roads and how traffic is governed.

Traffic regulation

On the official theory test you will be thoroughly tested in your knowledge about traffic regulations. This includes signs, road markings and all the rules and regulations in traffic.


The ebook takes you through the entire curriculum comfortably. With explanatory texts, good illustrations and a clear chapter structure, you get a good overview of what you need to learn.

In addition the ebook explains difficult words and expressions, so you can prepare effectively.

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Illustration: Explanations


Driver's license theory contains words and ideas that are new for some people, and some questions and alternatives can be difficult to understand.
We have written unique and easy-to-understand explanations for all of our questions. These explanations will aid you in preparing for the theory test.

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Speed and positioning 83%
Drivers and other road users 75%
Drivers’ and owners’ responsibilities 89%
Vehicle 34%
Laws and regulations 57%
Signs and road marking 98%
Giving way 84%

Personal recommendations

If you use the theory course together with the theory tests, we will show you personal recommendations for what topics need further attention.

Recommendations are displayed below each question, after you have completed a test and on your dashboard.

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On the dashboard you can see which tests you have completed, when you completed them, and how well you scored. Your progress is presented with the help of engaging graphics.

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Customer service

To help you pass your theory test, we are committed to providing the best guidance and customer support on the market.

We respond every day between 09-21. Click here to contact our customer service.

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If you buy access to Teoritentamen you will also get instant access to our theory test-apps for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). Practice for your exam anywhere at any time.

Download Teoritentamen’s app for Android and iOS.

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Norges Trafikkskoleforbund

Tests from NTSF

Our theory tests are made to resemble the official theory exam, and we have the largest collection of theory tests in Norway. All tests are written by the textbook authors behind NTSF’s books and test compilations - «How to get your driver's license».

The tests are written exclusively for and follow the curriculum for class A/A1/A2.

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Theory test for motorcycle

Teoritentamen offers tests made especially for motorcycles (category A/A1/A2). The tests are constructed in the same way as the official test. Our collection of questions are regularly updated to maintain a high level of quality.

On our tests for motorcycles you will be presented with 40 different questions, at least 34 of which must be answered correctly to pass —exactly like it is on the official test held by the Public Roads Administration.

When purchasing access to questions for motorcycles (categories A/A1/A2) you get:

  • Theory course with ebook, video and sound
  • The largest collection of questions made specifically for categories A/A1/A2
  • Access to apps for iOS and Android
  • Customer support every day 9 - 21
  • Answers to all questions
  • Access to statistics to follow your own progress
  • Separate traffic sign tests
About the theory test for motorcycles

The official theory test must be taken at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing office. Click here to make an appointment for the theory test. The test fee is currently 360 NOK.

IMPORTANT! Your application to sit for the theoretical test must be approved and you must bring valid ID. If you do not pass the test there is a 2 week waiting period before you can retake the test. In connection with the test you will also be given a vision test.

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