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Purchase and log in

First of all you have to choose the desired class on the front page, followed by the desired length of your pass. Then you are requested to fill in your mobile number and desired method of payment.

  1. Enter your mobile phone number, or click on “Continue with Vipps" and follow the instructions.
  2. You will immediately receive an SMS containing your unique password.
  3. Type the password received in the SMS.
  4. Choose your form of payment between Vipps, credit card and SMS.
  5. When the transaction has been confirmed you will be logged in and may start practicing.

Your phone number is also your user name. We have sent you the password via SMS. If you have forgotten your password, click "Log in" and then "Forgot password". Follow the instructions from there and you will receive a new SMS with your password.

If you've bought a scratch card from your driving school, click on the blue «scratch card»-button on the upper right hand side of the page and follow the instructions.

The four most common reasons for this are:

  1. If you don't have sufficient funds on your prepaid card, you will not be able to buy access to the service.
  2. If your mobile subscription is set up to not allow paying for services you will not be able to buy access to our service with your mobile phone.
  3. If your mobile operator is having problems with their systems or their mobile network is down, you will not be able to pay with your mobile phone.
  4. If your operator is Lyca Mobil it is not possible to pay with SMS. Lyca Mobile does not support SMS payments.

In all of these cases we recommend paying with Vipps or credit card instead.

The three most common reasons for this are:

  1. You are using an outdated version of the Vipps application.

    Solution: Update the application and try again.

  2. The payment card registered in the Vipps application is not valid.

    Solution: Check the payment card details registered under settings in the Vipps application. Register a valid payment card, or choose one of our other payment options.

  3. Not enough funds available to complete the transaction.

    Solution: Add more funds to your account, or choose one of our other payment options.

The validity period of the pass begins when you first use the service. Remaining time will be displayed on your dashboard.

If the amount is marked as «reserved» on your online banking service, the amount have not been charged. The reservation will be cancelled automatically within 5 working days. You can safely buy a new pass or you can instead choose SMS as a payment option. Contact your bank if you need more information.

When you buy access to our services you get a personal account. You should not under any circumstance share your account details with others, as they would then be able to buy additional services with your phone number or credit card.

Your personal account is only valid for you. You can only access your account from one browser at a time. If you try to log in using two different browsers at the same time, one of the sessions will be stopped automatically.

In order to prevent illegitimate usage we have to restrict access to a maximum of three different devices/browsers (example; you may use the service on one mobile phone and two different computers). In addition to this you may use the app on 1 tablet and 1 mobile phone.



  1. Register a profile: You automatically register a user by buying a pass on If you are already registered and have your password readily available you can use this to log into our app.
  2. Download the Teoritentamen app: The app is available for iOS in the App store and Android in Google Play.
  3. Test yourself anywhere: Log in with your teoritentamen account (mobile number and password) and gain access to all of our tests!


The service is also available in English for Car (class B), Motorcycle (class A/A1/A2) and our sign test. Change site language by chosing "English" from the top menu.

If you have bought access to the Norwegian test, but wanted to get the English test, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Theory tests

We work hard to ensure that always is the number one theory test service in Norway:

  1. We take learning about driving seriously. Our writers are highly skilled and experienced, and have daily contact with the driving education business. We do quality controls of our content weekly.
  2. We speak with our users every single day. This gives us an unique insight in what is needed to pass the theory test, and have to become safe and skillfull drivers.
  3. We develop content non-stop. We're always working on new videos, questions, graphics and text. All to make your experience even greater.

Should anything be unclear regarding a question on a test, please email us using this form. Remember to take note of the question-id, take a screen shot of the question or simply copy the text from the question.

Statens vegvesen don't publish their exam questions, but our collection of questions adhere to the same curriculum and style. They are developed in conjunction with the leading driving instructors in the business and are continuously reiterated based on feedback and suggestions.

We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers saying that our tests are very similar to the official theory test. But, more importantly, they tell us that they get the knowledge and skills they need to pass the test, AND to become safe and responsible drivers. We believe that knowledge is the key to excel at the official theory test.

Yes, for category B this is correct. For other licence categories it will differ slightly, but in general you must answer 85% of questions correctly in order to pass. You can find more information about the theory test on the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's ('Statens vegvesen') website.

When you have purchased access and logged in you can choose to activate text-to-speech functionality before you start the test.

Text-to-speech functionality is available in all licence categories in Norwegian.

We have written easy-to-understand explanations for each of the questions in all classes, guaranteed to help you prepare for your theory exam.

In general you need to answer at least 84% of the questions correctly to pass, but the exact number of questions this corresponds to will vary between different categories of driving licences. You can find more information about the theory test on the Public Road Administration's (Statens vegvesen) website.

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