Terms of Service

Purchase and use of the service

When you buy access to the services on teoritentamen.no you get access to all questions for the chosen class(es) for a certain number of consecutive hours/days. The time runs from the start of the first test. The service shall be available 24 hours/day. However, downtime can occur due to technical maintenance and correction of errors.

When you buy access to teoritentamen.no you get access to a personal account with unique log-in information. Sharing of the account or log-in details will also lead to risk of abuse as other users then can charge your phone bill or your credit card.

In order to prevent illegitimate usage we have to restrict access to a maximum of three different devices/browsers (example; you may use the service on one mobile phone and two different computers). In addition to this you may use the app on 1 tablet and 1 mobile phone.

Mail support is available every day between 9 AM and 9 PM. We provide customers with guidance regarding payment, traffic theory and general use of the service. We are more than happy to receive feedback from our customers in order to constantly improve the service we offer.


All prices are including VAT and stated in NOK. If you pay via SMS or credit card an additional transaction fee between NOK 3 and 12 is added (depending on which pass you choose). Total prices included charges will be presented to you before you make a final order.

Company information

Kongensgate 14
0153 Oslo
Tel.: 24 02 20 06
Legal name
Lime Green Digital AS
Org nr. 996 271 242

Other questions

See customer service for more information about the service.