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Test yourself before the official theory test!

Teoritentamen has Norway's most extensive collection of questions, developed in collaboration with Norges Trafikkskoleforbund (Norwegian Driving School Association, NTSF). The theory tests for light truck are constructed in the same way as the official tests, providing an optimal way to prepare.

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Driver's license theory contains words and ideas that are new for some people, and some questions and alternatives can be difficult to understand.
We have written unique and easy-to-understand explanations for all of our questions. These explanations will aid you in preparing for the theory test.

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Are you familiar with all the road signs? With our new interactive game, you can learn, compete, and challenge yourself to become an expert in signs. Play your way to knowledge, set new records, and have fun while practicing for the theory test.

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Med tung last kan det gå litt tregt i oppoverbakker. Derfor er det viktig å planlegge og tilrettelegge godt før bakken. Med tung last kan det gå litt tregt i oppoverbakker. Derfor er det viktig å planlegge og tilrettelegge godt før bakken.

Planlegger du godt, blir ikke bakken noe problem.Planlegger du godt, blir ikke bakken noe problem.


The ebook takes you through the entire curriculum comfortably. With explanatory texts, good illustrations and a clear chapter structure, you get a good overview of what you need to learn.

In addition the ebook explains difficult words and expressions, so you can prepare effectively.

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Photos and 3D illustrations

Photos and 3D illustrations

Difficult topics are easier to grasp when visualised. That is why our course contains images and 3D illustrations depicting different traffic situations and rules in a way that is easy to understand.

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On the dashboard you can see which tests you have completed, when you completed them, and how well you scored. Your progress is presented with the help of engaging graphics.

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Individual instruction

Should you have any further questions just send an email to one of our instructors, and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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If you buy access to Teoritentamen you will also get instant access to our theory test-apps for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). Practice for your exam anywhere at any time.

Download Teoritentamen’s app for Android and iOS.

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Customer service

To help you pass your theory test, we are committed to providing the best guidance and customer support on the market.

We respond every day between 09-21. Click here to contact our customer service.

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Theory test for light truck

We provide tests and questions written in collaboration with Norges Trafikkskoleforbund. Our tests are modelled on the official tests taken at Driver and Vehicle licensing offices, offering you an effective and goal-oriented way of preparing by practicing on questions relevant for the test.

As many as 60% of those taking the official theory test for category C1/C1E end up failing. Our tests covering all aspects of the curriculum for category C1/C1E will help you get ready, so you won't end up failing too.

Follow your own progress by using our statistics tool. Our tests are available wherever you are, whenever you want, on the web or in the app (available on iOS and Android). Should you be in need of technical assistance or have any further questions, our customer support team will get back to you as soon as possible (open every day 9 - 21).

More information regarding how you should proceed to take the theory test in categories C1/C1E and what the categories entitle you to drive, is available on the Public Roads Administration's website.

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