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Test yourself before the official theory test!

Teoritentamen has Norway's most extensive collection of questions, developed by Autoriserte Trafikkskolers Landsforbund (Norwegian Driving School Association, ATL). The theory tests for snowmobile are constructed in the same way as the official tests, providing an optimal way to prepare.

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We have written easy-to-understand explanations for each of the questions in category B, guaranteed to help you prepare for your theory exam.

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On the dashboard you can see which tests you have taken, when you have taken them, and how you scored. You will also see tips on what topics need more attention.

Graphs and charts are available as well, and will give you a simple overview of where you stand.

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Tests from ATL

Our theory tests are made to resemble the official theory exam, and we have the largest collection of theory tests in Norway. All tests are written by the textbook authors behind ATL's books and test compilations - «How to get your driver's license».

The tests are written exclusively for and follow the curriculum for class S.

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Autoriserte Trafikkskolers Landsforbund

Theory test for snowmobile

About our theory tests

At you can practice using our collection of theory tests for snowmobiles (category S).

Our theory tests are made to closely resemble the official theory test. All questions are written exclusively for Teoritentamen by the authors of ATL's text and work books — 'The road to your driving licence.' They cover all areas of the curriculum for category S.

Our theory tests of course include answers to all the questions, as well as access to statistics to let you better check your own progress.

The official test

There is no practical test to obtain the snowmobile licence, you only need to take the theory test.

The theory test for snowmobiles must be taken at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing office. Usually you will not need to book in advance, as most offices offer "drop-in appointments”.

To obtain a licence for snowmobiles (class 1) you must be 16 years old or older. To obtain a licence for snowmobiles ('unlimited') you must be at least 18 years old.

Either way your licence application must be approved before you can take the theory test. When taking the test you must bring valid ID, and you will also be given a vision test.

The theory test for snowmobiles consists of 30 questions, at least 25 of which must be correct to pass (i.e. you are allowed a maximum of 5 incorrect answers).

The test fee is currently 640 NOK. If you do not pass the test and need to take it again, it will cost you another 640 NOK. You will also need to wait 2 weeks before retaking the test.

More information regarding your rights once you have obtained the snowmobile licence and how to proceed to obtain one, is available on the Public Roads Administration's website.

About our services

We know that about 40% of those taking the theory test for snowmobiles at the Public Roads Administration end up failing. Through customer surveys it has been documented that the likelihood of passing is significantly higher among those who have used our tests to thorougly prepare before taking the test.

To help make your preparation efforts as effective as possible, we offer customer support 7 days a week 9 - 21. In addition to the website, you can also use our apps for phones and tablets (available on iOS and Android) to practice wherever, whenever.